You can now say “Stop!” to Google Assistant to silence it and thus stop using the “Ok, Google”


A great novelty to not always be like a robot releasing the famous Ok, Google before telling your assistant to stop.


Google Assistant quick phrases began to roll out in October of last year on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro so that today we know that we will be able to say a direct “Stop!” the assistant to make it really stop. That is, you will be able to forget to use the “Ok, Google”.

A command to use without the Ok, Google

We will be able to use this stop command to silence the Google Assistant at all times. That is, if he’s spouting his lines and you want to stop him, a quick, sharp “Stop!” will stop him.

This is a photo of Google Home
Google Home

This means we’re going to be able to save the Ok, Google. But we repeat it, this “Stop!” It can be used when Google Assistant is saying something, since at another time it may not pay attention to us if we do not release the trigger, which is whether Hey, Google or Ok, Google.

And importantly, this function is available even if we do not have the continuous conversation feature activated from the settings. So while we wait for the quick phrases available on the Pixel 6 exclusively to reach us, we are facing one of the best contributions to really control Google Assistant, since sometimes it can get quite heavy with those weather forecasts or phrases too extensive.

This is photo of Nest Mini
Nest Mini

Now all you have to do is try the “Stop!”  and thus stop the conversation that Google Assistant is playing. If not, as in other cases, you have to wait a bit for the update to be deployed to stop Google Assistant immediately. In our case, it has not yet been updated, and let’s say that it has passed supremely from our “for”.

Now let’s hope that soon more words of this type will be included and we will forget Ok, Google, which is still something so robotic.

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