Alleged ATM robber dies in Police custody in Rahim Yar Khan

Alleged ATM robber dies in Police custody at Rahim Yar Khan police Station. The video of ATM robber “Salahuddin” became viral on social media in which he was sticking his tongue to cameras inside the ATM booth. Salahuddin was accused of alleged ATM robbery. Here is the Last video of Alleged ATM robber Salahuddin before his death in police custody.

Last viddo of alleged ATM thief before his death in police custody
Funny ATM theif dies in Police custody

2 days before, several news channels reported his viral video and accused him of ATM robbery and stealing Rs 64,000. But in the viral video, it seems as his own card stuck into the ATM machine and he took out his ATM card after breaking the machine’s screen. However, continues media reporting and accusations of Media against him force police to arrest him.

Rahim Yar Khan police arrested the alleged ATM theif from Shahi Road, Rahim Yar Khan after one month of the first incident. Here is the viral video of ATM robber while sticking his tongue into the camera in a funny way. Police stated initially that man is portraying to be speechless and he can talk only by signals. But later on, police disapproved this statement.

Today this alleged ATM robber died in Police custody. Rahim Yar Khan police told health issues as the reason for his death. But People suspect that the reason for his death could be brutal police interrogation.

District police officer (DPO) has ordered an investigation on the incident. Spokesperson of Cheif minister Punjab Dr Shahbaz Gill also told that CM has order IG office to hold an inquiry on the incident of ATM robber’s death and submit the report to Cheif minister Punjab.

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