Chuck e Cheese Wayne Video – Black Kid ignored

    We say no to racism everywhere basis on color. Previously we saw the sesame video in which the cartoon character ignored black kids, and this time Chuck e Cheese’s video got viral on social media platforms.

    On July 31 mother tweeted a video in which the mini mouse discriminated against her black baby. The character of Chuck e cheese company gives attention to everyone. But when he sees a black kid, he shows his hate for black people and ignores that cute little angel.

    Everyone on the internet is talking about the chuck e-cheese video, which is become a part of the attention of the internet today. You can watch the video below.

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    Chuck e cheese Company – Wiki

    Chuck E. Cheese was once called Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theater, Pizza, and just Chuck E. Cheese’s. It is an American family entertainment center, and pizza restaurant chain started in 1977 by Nolan Bushnell, who also helped start Atari. Each location, which has its headquarters in Irving, Texas, has arcade games, amusement rides, character stage shows, pizza, and other food.

    Chuck e cheese Company - Wiki

    In the past, ball pits, crawl tubes, and animatronic shows were some of the most popular attractions. The chain’s name comes from Chuck E. Cheese, the main character and mascot. Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theater was the first place to open, and it was in San Jose, California. It was the first place for families to eat that combined food with arcade games and animated shows.

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    Chuck e Cheese Video – Explained

    As reported on WABC-TV in Wayne, New Jersey, A family in New Jersey is coming out because they claim a character at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant disregarded their 2-year-old. The apology they received wasn’t satisfactory.

    Natyana Muhammad, the child’s mother, claimed, “There were a bunch of white kids on stage who got a high five on the video.” To paraphrase the mother, “Nobody paid any mind to my black child.”

    Two videos prove that Chuck E. Cheese doesn’t care about Safa Muhammad. On Saturday, the two-year-old celebrated his second birthday with friends and family at the Chuck E. Cheese on Route 23.

    The video shows the character giving three high-fives to other children but not to Muhammad.

    Muhammad elaborated that when she turned around and saw him, she was happy that he gave high fives to all the other kids. “She reached out a hand as a gesture of assistance. As the next in line after him, she was next in line. He pretended not to see her by reaching into his pocket and pulling his hand back again.”

    Chuck e Cheese Video - Black Kid ignored

    The little one kept trying even after each attempt failed.

    As Muhammad described, she “went all the way around him and continued giving him high fives,” “like, OK, do you see my hand?” “He didn’t say a word to my kid and didn’t even notice the table we were at during the birthday party.”

    A similar incident occurred twice at Philadelphia’s Sesame Place before this. In both cases, people in costume turned away little girls of color.

    In an exclusive interview with Eyewitness News, Muhammad said the experience was more than hurtful, especially since she was a first-time mom.

    Muhammad said, “She’s so nice, cool, and smart.” “And that was the first time I saw someone not pay attention to her or make her feel like she doesn’t exist.”


    The following statement came from Chuck E. Cheese:

    “When a family or child has a bad time at Chuck E. Cheese, it makes Chuck E. Cheese sad. We want to thank the family in Wayne, NJ, who told us about this and gave the manager there a chance to apologize and talk to them in person about their concerns. As a place where millions of families and kids come every year to celebrate big and small milestones and have fun, our goal is to ensure that kids and parents of all ages, races, ethnicities, religions, and learning styles can have a good time. Our goal is to make Where A Kid Can Be A Kid a fun and safe place where kids can be kids. All our cast members are trained to ensure we keep this promise.”

    “Gave the manager on site a chance to apologize when she said, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” Was that the apology? Muhammad said.


    The mother, who is 29 years old, says that she did complain to management, which set up a photo with Safa.

    “When it was time to take a picture, she stood next to him. Before, she was excited, happy, jumping, and giving him a high five. ” I hugged her and told her she’d never have to beg for love because so many people love her.”

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