Current situation in Kashmir – What India is doing Silently

Current situation in Kashmir
The photo became viral on Social media. A Kashmiri girl was forced to wipe the shoes of an Indian soldier.

Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir are under siege for one month now. At the beginning of August, the Indian government revoked the article 35A and Article 370 of the Indian constitution. To avoid the reaction of Kashmiri people, India increased army presence in the valley. Before taking the special status of Jammu and Kashmir away, the Indian government sent thousands of more soldiers and put a curfew in the valley. Kashmir was already the most militarized area in the world with 700,000 Indian soldiers in the valley.
Aamir Liaqut reveals what India is doing in Kahsmir during last 30 days.

All the cellular networks were cut off and all foreigners were ordered to leave Kashmir. A Report published in 2018 tells that Indian army has killed 95,238 innocent Kashmiri people since 1989. But According to some sources, the current situation in Kashmir is getting worse. There is a massive amount of human rights violations. People have a shortage of food and medicines but they are not allowed to even go hospitals. Kashmiri people are still waiting when India will lift of the curfew. Even the supreme court of India ordered to lift the curfew and restore the media and network services. But the Indian Army not acted upon the orders yet.

Some political experts and speculators reveal that the Indian government is planning a relocation strategy for Muslim majority of Kashmir and trying to change the demographics of Kashmir valley. They are going to act upon Israeli pattern. Hundreds of thousands of extremist Hindus will be settled in the valley, which will be used for ethnic cleansing and remove the Muslim population from Jammu and Kashmir. As many BJP leaders revealed the plan of RSS and BJP government by inviting Hindu men for Gang-rapes of Kahsmiri women.

Later on, these extremist Hindus will vote in the favour of India in case India is forced to act on the resolutions of United nations passed in 1948. The world is yet silent on the current situation in Kashmir but this issue can turn into nuclear war between India and Pakistan and that will be punishment for the world’s silence on human rights violations and on the current situation in Jammu and Kashmir.