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    Doom Slayer May come in Fortnite in 2022 skins

    We may expect to see Doom Slayer. One of gaming’s most iconic figures, make his way into Fortnite Battle Royale very soon. Many gamers assumed the partnership had been scrapped because no new information had been released in a long time. Even though the word of the collaboration having been disclosed had spread widely.

    However, the addition of the well-known figure to Fortnite is still in the works at Epic Games, and the partnership is expected to take place very soon.

    Doom Slayer May come in Fortnite in 2022 skins

    The protagonist of the Doom games is Doom Slayer, who also goes by the names Doomguy and Doom Marine. Because the first game in the series was out in 1993. Mario has become a cultural icon in the gaming world.

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    To everyone’s dismay, Epic Games released a Doom Slayer leak.

    Epic Games has included Doomguy in multiple polls, and the firm also leaked him. The partnership was confirmed when a film showcasing Unreal Engine’s capabilities revealed the well-known mascot.

    The partnership with Family Guy was also exposed in the leak.

    Fortnite leaker veteran ShiinaBR mentioned that not all collaborations are added to the game immediately, and the crossover with Doom Slayer is the same.

    A few months ago, information about the Doom protagonist surfaced online. But since then, players have come to believe that the rumours were bogus because he still hasn’t been added to the game. This, however, is not the situation.

    It can take years for a partnership to see release, and sources say it took nearly two years to finish the project with Travis Scott.

    It’s worth noting that several companies are participating in Fortnite’s partnerships. Creating a compelling character design and securing the rights to use that design is time-consuming and challenging. Doom Slayer’s widespread renown suggests that Epic had trouble connecting his licencing.

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    When can we expect to hear the results of our upcoming partnership?

    The Doom Slayer collaboration has not yet been given a firm release date. Famous Fortnite leakers, however, predict that the character won’t arrive until 2022.

    The employees at Epic Games are now enjoying their summer break and will return to the office on or around August 10. To get ready for the Fortnite x Dragon Ball crossover event. The development team will likely address some of the game’s more significant issues at this time.

    When can we expect to hear the results of our upcoming partnership?

    Since Epic Games has already planned to release a lot of new material for Fortnite Battle Royale, the Doom Slayer cooperation is not expected to be launched until after the third chapter of Season 3.

    New seasons typically begin in September and include the annual Fortnitemares event and Halloween.

    Given that the protagonist of Doom is a terrifying and terrible monster, he would fit in perfectly with the Halloween spirit. It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for Epic Games to add him to the upcoming Battle Pass.

    On Thursday, July 18, the popular video game Fortnite Battle Royale will welcome WWE star John Cena as the next in a long line of planned collaborations between the game’s creators.

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