El paso, Texas shooting suspect Patrick Crusius

What to know about Texas Shooting

A 21 years old suspect Patrick Crusius opened fire in a shopping centre at El Paso, texas killing 20 innocent people. Shooting at a Wal-Mart store in El Paso texas left 20 dead and two dozen seriously injured. Police says many people with their families were doing back to school shopping when a gunman with military assault rifle started spraying them with bullets.

El Paso shooting details and casualties.

Videos and photos during and after Texas Shooting massacre.

Many people outside the mall captured the aftermath videos of El Paso shooting. Some footage from surveillance cameras were also shared on social media. Here is the 1st look of Texas Shooting massacre while shooter Patrick Crusius carrying the military-style rifle.

First picture after Texas Shooting massacre.
The photo was taken from a surveillance camera shows the alleged shooter a moment before shooting.

There was a horrific scene outside the store where people recorded the aftermath of the mass shooting in the shopping mall of El Paso. People published the videos of Texas Shooting on social media. Here below are some of them.

Video of Texas Shooting massacre.
People call the El Paso mass shooting as an act of terrorism, not a hate crime.
Video of El Paso mass shooting recorded by some victim in the shopping centre.

You can see the active shooter in the video below, while security forces evacuating the people from the shopping centre in El Paso.

Security forces evacuating the people from Wal-Mart shopping centre.

Investigation Updates of El Paso mass shooting.

Police and federal investigation teams are treating the incident as domestic terrorism. The justice department considers bringing federal hate crime and federal firearms charges again the suspect Patrick Crusius, the man responsible for shooting in Texas.

Communities in El Paso came forward to help the victims of the mass shooting. As many standing to donate the blood for injured people. While others demanding a ban over the purchase of firearms for civilians. Because more than 600 shooting incidents happened in this year only in the United States. Even Today second incident of mass shooting happened in Dayton, Ohio a few hours after the El Paso shooting incident.

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