Rabi Pirzada leaked videos and pictures

The rumours of Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada’s suicide attempt spread on social media on the evening of November 2, 2019. Several social media accounts posted a posture of Rabi Pirzada and claimed that “Rabi Pirzada attempted suicide after her leaked nude videos”. Watch what Twitter users said regarding “Rabi Pirzada’s suicide attempt after her Nude videos”.

Watch: Rabi Pirzada Videos and pictures Leaked on Social media.

Several social media users were busy spreading the rumours of Rabi’s suicide attempt. But after digging into facts, we found that the alleged picture of Rabi Peerzada’s suicide attempt is fake. The girl in the picture is some Spanish girl who was beaten by her husband in October 2017. Watch the screenshot, below.

Facts behind Rabi Pirzada's suicide
Image: Screengrab from Facebook.

After the rumours, Maj (Rtd) Hamayun Pirzada (Father of Pakistani singer, Rabi Peerzada) came on media and denied the rumours of his daughter’s suicide attempt.

Rabi Pirzada attempted suicide after her nude videos leaked on social media.
Image: Twitter.

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Rabi Pirzada was facing massive Criticism after her private videos and nude pictures leaked and viral on social media on November 1st, 2019. Thousands of social media users shared nude videos of Rabi Pirzada on social media and in WhatsApp groups. “RABI Pirzada Nude videos” and “Rabi Pirzada Leaked videos” became top trends on Twitter within hours and people were talking all about those leaked videos.

Later on, the Singer came on media and explained all “how her Nude videos leaked on social media”. She said that “she sold her phone without deleting her private videos and pictures. The shopkeeper who bought her phone later leaked those videos and pictures.

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Many of her fans stood up for her and requested fellow social media users to not share Rabi’s Nude videos and pictures with their friends. They said this hype could force Rabi to take extreme steps because of shame and embarrassment. Watch the reaction of Rabi Pirzada’s fans after her nude videos leaked.

Video response on Rabi Pirzada’s Nude leaks.

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