Shaheen Afridi Hareem Shah video Call leaked
Here is the video..
The cricketer who was masturbating on live video call. It’s #ShaheenAfridi. He said he wanted to talk .. Few mins later, he started showing his private part.
Is it right? Image: Screengrab from Twitter.

On Friday November 01, 2019, Shaheen Afridi Hareem Shah video Call leaked on Social media by a Twitter account with the handler @iHareemShah which later changed its Twitter handler to @DearFauj. With 80 thousand followers, claiming to be TikTok Star Hareem Shah leaked the video call with Pakistani Cricketer Shaheen Shah Afridi. Watch the video recording of Shaheen Afridi Hareem Shah video call, below.

Leaked Video of Shaheen Afridi Hareem Shah video Call. (Sensitive parts were edited and removed from the video).

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According to details, A Twitter handler posing as TikTok Star Hareem Shah claimed on October 30, 2019, that she has the video of a Pakistani Cricketer Shaheen Afridi masturbating while talking to her on a video call. She warned Shaheen Shah Afridi to publish that video soon.


I was on video call with a famous Pakistani cricketer (Shaheen Afridi) & he started masturbating. I recorded the video. Do you want to see it? The cricketer’s face is visible in the video.

Tweet of Hareem Shah reads

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After two days of the warning, alleged TikTok Star Hareem shah posted the video recording of Shaheen Afridi’s video call to her. The video became viral on social media and #ShaheenAfridi emerged as a 2nd top trend on Twitter in Pakistan. #HareemShah also became the third top trend on Twitter in Pakistan after the Leaked Video of “Shaheen Afridi Masturbating on a video call with Hareem Shah“.

Hareem Shah leaked Shaheen Afridi video call recordings.
#ShaheenAfridi #HareemShah became top trends after #RabiPirzada on Twitter. Image via Twitter.

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November 1st, 2019 was not a good day for Pakistani celebrities because Rabi Pirzada was already under massive criticism after her nude video and nude pictures leaked on the same day. The alleged Hareem Shah’s Twitter account also conducted a survey on her Twitter account asking people to vote if Shaheen Afridi is guilty or not. She was also offering her followers to leak more videos of Pakistani politicians.

Shaheen Afridi leaked video call to Tiktok star Hareem Shah
Image: Screengrab from Twitter.

The authenticity of the leaked video of Shaheen Afridi couldn’t be confirmed because the video call was recorded in a dark room and it seems edited. Several social media users doubted that the leaked video is fake and it was radioed to malign the image of a young cricketer (Shaheen Shah Afridi) who is already performing for Pakistan in an international cricket series in Australia these days.


At the first, it was also unclear that the alleged Twitter account with the name of Tiktok star Hareem Shah is real or not. But further events have shown that the alleged Twitter account with the name of Tiktok star Hareem Shah was fake. Because After the few hours of Leaked video recording of “Hareem Shah and Shaheen Afridi’s video call the mentioned Twitter account changed it’s a Twitter name to Pak Army and deleted the video recording of “Shaheen Afridi Hareem Shah video Call”.

Hareem Shah on Shaheen Afridi leaked video call

The TikTok star Hareem Shah and Sandal Khattak released a video message denying to own any Twitter account. They said: there ars hundreds of fake Twitter accounts on their names but they don’t use Twitter at all. Any Tweet published by their name should be considered as “fake”. Watch the video message of Hareem Shah on Shaheen Afridi’s leaked video, below.

However, the leaked video of Shaheen Shah Afridi was already downloaded by many social media users and many social media pages and YouTube channels posted the video recording and it became viral all over social media.

TikTok star Hareem Shah was already under massive criticism after her controversial video inside PM house and foreign office. Someone used her name to gain thousands of followers and creat controversy against Young Pakistani Cricketer and against Pakistani politicians. Also, Watch TikTok Star Sandal Khattak with Faiz Ul Hassan Chohan.

Public Reactions on leaked Shaheen Afridi Hareem Shah video Call

Soon after the Leaked video of Shaheen Afridi and Hareem Shah video Call became viral on social media, the social media users started trolling Pakistani Cricketer with funny memes and jokes.


This Twittery “Nadeem” is surprised to see so many scandals in a row. He wrote that within one week: video scandals of 3 car on Motorway, Rabi Pirzada leaked video scandal and now Hareem Shah and Shaheen Afridi video call scandal. This is Naya Pakistan.

Muhammad Shaheer came up with advice for all young boys and girls. He says: “Girls should never share anything indecent with boys as Rabi Pirzada did. Boys also shouldn’t show their private body parts on video calls like Shaheen Afridi did to Hareem Shah. Today is Rabi Pirzada and Shaheen Shah Afridi, tomorrow shame can follow you if you do like them”.


Twitter user Areka Haq held a poll between Rabi Pirzada Video scandal and Shaheen Afridi video call scandal and asks her followers to chose the winner.




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