Toyota Fortuner ALD-789 Video scandal
Image: Screengrab from Facebook

“Sadness is when you can afford a Toyota Fortuner but have no money for a hotel room” you have often seen this caption with many screenshots of a Toyota Fortuner ALD-789 on social media these days. And you might wonder, “what is the story behind this Toyota Fortuner ALD-789”.
Video: Toyota Fortuner 789 video scandal

The story behind this viral Screenshot is a “53 seconds long Video” which is becoming viral on WhatsApp and on some social media platforms with a title of “Motorway video scandal“, “Fortuner 789” and “Fortuner video“. Watch the video of Toyota Fortuner ALD-789, below.

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According to details; the video shows “A Toyota Fortuner with the plate number ‘ALD-789’ ICT ISLAMABAD” driving on “Lahore to Islamabad Motorway”, Pakistan. While the driver is busy to keep the Toyota Fortuner on the track, a couple on back seats of Fortuner 789, is busy in Explicit actions “allegedly doing sex”.

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The video was captured from another car behind this Toyota Fortuner. The video makers found it strange and interesting because this is a very uncommon thing in Pakistan. “Sex” in public places and “on the roads” is a strange thing. It is a crime also.

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People who saw this “Motorway video scandal” believe that they might be a “Boyfriend and Girlfriend” type couple who got the chance to travel together.

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Public Reactions on Toyota Fortuner ALD-789 viral video

Video, along with its screenshots, became viral within a day and people came up with funny reactions and making a joke over them. People were trolling the couple in Fortuner ALD-789 and saying “they can afford an Rs Eight million Toyota Fortuner but can’t afford a hotel room” to meet each other in comfort. Watch some reaction below.

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Toyota Fortuner 789 video scandal

Several Facebook pages and YouTube channels posted the Fortuner video and got thousands of reaction over this Motorway video scandal. Also, watch Lindsey Pelas Leaked pictures.

Here is another Facebook page who posted “Motorway video scandal” with the same caption “Sadness is when you can afford a Toyota Fortuner but have no money for a hotel room”.

Watch below another Facebook page who posted the Fortuner 789 video with the same caption as above.

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Even the Twitter users also kept silent on Fortuner video and start talking about “Fortuner wali Video” on Twitter. Watch a funny reaction below.

This Twitter user suggests that the company can use “Fortuner video” for the promotion of their product. Some called it another scandal after the “Emporium mall cinema leaked videos Scandal“. While many others blame the couple in Fortuner video and their actions on the government.

Who is the Owner of Fortuner 789?

Some social media user claims that the Toyota Fortuner ALD-789 belongs to Mr Nadeem Babar who is special assistant to prime minister Imran Khan for Petroleum. People are demanding that the government should take action against the owner of this vehicle.

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But after digging more into the details of “Viral Fortuner ALD 789” we found that this vehicle belongs to a person Danish Noshai. The Toyota Fortuner ALD-789 was registered on his name on November 12, 2018. Below are complete details of this viral vehicle.

Owner of Toyota Fortuner ALD 789


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