Fake News Aired by 24NewsHD and City42 News channel regarding the research on Coronavirus by a Jewish organisation.

On April 30, A couple of private news channels of Pakistan (24NewsHD and City 42) repeatedly aired fake news Claiming that Punjab government has facilitated a Jewish organisation for the research on Coronavirus in Pakistan.


It proved as Another Fake News by city42 and 24NewsHD. Research in King Edward Medical University, Lahore (KE medical college) is being conducted by Dr Ammar Sarwar, a graduate of KE, a Muslim, Pakistani, qualified interventional radiologist and a public health specialist. Working on research on hydroxychloroquine. For more details regarding the research work on Coronavirus in Pakistan, see the video, Below.

Video: Azmat Jami exposes the fake news aired by 24NewsHD and City42 regarding Coronavirus research by a Jewish organisation.

After the fake news was aired on the mentioned news channels, dozens of Social media users were sharing its screenshots and propagating against Punjab government while accusing it of a facilitator of Jewish lobby etc.



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