Cheif Police Officer CPO Faisalabad Sohail Chaudhry
CPO Faisalabad Captain (Rtd) Muhammad Sohail Chaudhry

Reportedly, several fake pictures of Chief Police officer (CPO) Faisalabad ‘Sohail Chaudhry’ with a Girl, allegedly Noorish Imran, became Viral on Social media and in WhatsApp groups. It seems that Mafia of child rapists is taking revenge of Killing two rapists from CPO Faisalabad. Beside this another inappropriate video, claimed as Nooris Imran leaked video, also became viral at the same time. See the video, below.

Video: Noorish Imran, CPO Sohail scandal and facts revealed by Federal investigation agency (FIA)

According to details, Several fake pictures of Sohail Chaudhry with a Girl became Viral on Social media and in WhatsApp groups. Even the social media is talking about Noorish Imran leaked video with CPO Sohail Chaudhry. But what is fact? Keep reading, below.

Viral Picture of CPO Sohail Chaudhry with Noorish Imran
Image: Screengrab from Twitter

Dozens of Social media users are sharing several photos of Sohail Chaudhry with a Girl (Allegedly Noorish Imran, a senior bureaucrat of Punjab government) and claiming that Sohail Chaudhry has an affair with Noorish Imran.

Many people used the same name with another inappropriate leaked video and claimed that it is leaked video of Noorish Imran. But the man in this viral video is ofcourse not CPO Sohail Chaudhry. The authenticity of the video is not confirmed.

Miss Noorish Imran is Director Women Development Punjab, former Assistant Commissioner Gujranwala and Sheikhupura. Deputy Secretary to Additional Chief Secretary Punjab, Director Punjab parks and Horticulture. Here is the video of her interview.

Fact Behind Viral Pictures of Sohail Chaudhry with Noorish Imran

Following the matter of viral pictures of CPO Sohail Chaudhry and Noorish Imran, Faisalabad police has forwarded these pictures to Federal Investigation agency’s (FIA) Cyber Crime wing for complete analysis and finding the facts.

FIA after detailed analysis of all three pictures, issued a report which says that viral pictures of CPO Sohail Chaudhry and Noorish Imran are fake.

FIA report on viral pictures of Noorish Imran and CPO Sohail Chaudhry
Image: Faisalabad News HD

FIA’s Cyber crime wing wrote in a note that Adobe Photoshop has been used for editing and processing these pictures.

Similar pictures of the other couple were shared on social media while ago.

In other similar pictures, the Same girl was captured with another man at the same place in the same pose. It seems that propaganda masters edited the photos of that couple and replaced the face of a man with the face of CPO Faisalabad Sohail Chaudhry. See the Image, Below.

Fact behind viral pictures of Sohail Chaudhry and Noorish Imran
Image: Social media

A social media user claimed that he has all the information about who edited these pictures and shared on Social media in order to hurt the image of CPO Faisalabad. The person also claimed that Federal investigation agency (FIA) has arrested two officers of FIA for editing and spreading these pictures.

FIA arrested two men for editing the pictures of CPO Faisalabad and Noorish Imran

CPO Sohail Chaudhry and Noorish Imran Did Not publicly respond to the issue. However, people sharing these pictures with false allegations could face bitter consequences because Sharing someone’s private photo without his consent is a crime and has a punishment which includes a jail sentence according to Cybercrime law of Pakistan.


Earlier last month on April 24, four men alleged for robberies, murder and child rape were killed during a Police-encounter in Faisalabad. Two of them (Ghulam Abbas and Umair) were arrested for raping and murdering a five-year-old child (Ali) in Faisalabad.

Five-year-old child raped and killed in Faisalabad
Photo of the child raped and killed in Faisalabad

In the report of encounter, police stated that they were attacked by companions of Child rapists (Ghulam Hussain and Umair) and police killed four of them during an encounter.

Soon after the encounter, CPO Faisalabad Sohail Chaudhry turned into an hero and he was being praised on social media for killing child rapists in the Police-encounter.

However, a group of people was raising questions on Police-encounter and accused CPO Faisalabad of Extrajudicial murder. An Advocate from Faisalabad, Advocate Zeshan Ahmad Awan has submitted a petition against CPO Sohail Chaudhry.

People believe that these fake pictures are a part of revenge, the mafia taking from Sohail Chaudhry by defying his name and image. An official statement from CPO Faisalabad and his office yet to come.


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