A few days ago a video leaked on social media in which a funny robber teasing security camera. The video was captured by a security camera installed inside an ATM machine in Kachehri Bazaar Faisalabad.

Funny robber teasing security camera

According to details, a man entered an ATM machine cabin in Faisalabad city to withdraw money. But his card was captured inside the ATM machine. A few minutes later a robber entered the ATM cabin. At first sight, he looked towards main security camera and was teasing the security camera by making a funny face and sticking his tongue. After that, he did the same thing toward Security Camera of ATM machine.

After teasing towards security cameras, the man pulled the headcover of the ATM machine and broke its screen. He took out the ATM card from machine and left the cabin. The alleged funny robber stole Rs. 64,000 also by the help of stolen ATM card. Police are trying to locate this funny robber by face recognition. But they were not able to find him yet.

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