During past days some pictures of Gori Niaz became viral all over social media. In the picture A young girl standing with an old man. And people writing in the description that a 20 years old girl married with 60 years old man who already has 7 Childrens. Some added that young children of that old man kicked them out of home because of this marriage.

20 years old girl married with 60 years old man
This photo was shared massively on social media along with some local news paper shots..

Although there is nothing wrong in the marriage of a young girl with old man as Islam and Constitutions allow it.

But what is wrong is thatapparently, it was a false story spread on social media with bunch of lies. In fact it is defaming the image of 2 persons.

20 years old girl married with 60 years old man
This is how People were sharing the photos of them.
Young girl married with old man
Watch the stories people making as they are witness.

All Story of Gori Niaz a 20 years old girl married with 60 years old man

The girl Gori Niaz Daughter of Niaz Ali is from Bahawalpur, and a famous TikTok user with thousands of fan. Gori Niaz on Istagram video conversation said that old man just took a selfie with her long ago. The selfie came over social media and became viral. Then a local newspaper made an exclusive false story. So this joint selfie got an interesting title with bunch of lies.

The girl just posted her video on Instagram telling all the facts of this selfie. She also claimed that along her father she is going to file a case against that local newspaper for defaming her Image and making false stories on her name. Watch Complete Details. But some other videos tell a new story of Gori Niaz. Another video of Gori Niaz became viral on social media with same old man which is more than just a selfie.

“Fruit Me Kiya Le kar Aoun”,  فروٹ میں کیا لے کر آؤں” is trending on Facebook and Twitter. People watched this video and making fun by quoting this.

Gori Niaz instagram
This is the Girl Gori Niaz getting Famous from Tiktok.

Fruit me kia le kar aoun Fruit mein Kiya Le kar Aoun

فروٹ میں کیا لے کر آؤں



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