Indian Air force SU 30 crashed in Tezpur Assam
A local taking photo of crash site of SU 30 MKI

A fighter jet of Indian Air force SU 30 MKI Crashed in Tezpur, Assam on Thursday evening. Both pilots ejected and safely but one pilot got an injury in his leg, Indian defence spokesman LT Col Harsh Wardhan Pande said in his statement. The Sukhui fighter jet was on a routine training mission when some technical fault forced SU 30 fighter jet to crash. Lt Col Pande added.

The crash of SU 30 happened around 8:30 PM ( India Time) in a paddy field near Milanpur area that’s why no damage caused to the people and property. Local people rushed to the crash site and rescued both of the pilot. Both pilot were taken to military base hospital in TezPur.

One of the pilot of SU 30 MKI Of Indian Air force crashed in Assam.
One of the pilot of Sukhoi 30mki crashed in Assam.

Local people of Tezpur recorded the videos of Crash site of Sukhoi 30 and shared on social media explaining the details of Crash. Here are some videos of Indian Air force’s SU 30 MKI Crashed in Assam.

Video of Sukhoi 30 crashed in Tezpur captured by a local.
Assam: Indian airforce fighter jet crashed
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A military board is established to find out the reasons behind the crash of Indian fighter jet, Defence spokesperson LT Col Pande told.

Russian made Sukhoi 30 fighter Jets are major assets of Indian Air force’s fighter fleet and Indian Air force is totally relying on them with 242 SU-30MKI’s in service. Because Mig 29, Mig 21,and home made Tejas are lacking in the capabilities against India’s biggest rival Pakistan and its Air force which is using advance F16, and home made JF 17 Thunder fighter jets.