Leaked video of Maryam Nawaz went viral on social media. Critics of PML-N’s leader Maryam Nawaz usually accuses her of scripting questions by journalists. They also blame that she has WhatsApp groups with top journalists as members of those groups and they promote her agenda. But Maryam Nawaz leaked video proved those accusations absolutely right. Watch the video, below.

Video: Maryam Nawaz leaked video Exposes scripted journalism and doctored press conferences of Maryam Nawaz

The leaked video shows Maryam Nawaz in a press conference while sending scripted questions to the journalists who were questioning her during the press conference. The video clearly shows Maryam Nawaz asking Mariam Aurangzeb to send her desired questions to the press reporters who were going to ask questions from her.

After Maryam Nawaz’s instructions, Mariam Aurangzeb can be seen typing messages on her phone in order to send them to the reporters.

The leaked video of Maryam Nawaz went viral on social media and people are sharing the video while sharing PML-N’s leader.

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