Malu Trevejo Onlyfans video and pictures leaked online

Just turned 18 on October 15, Malu Trevejo has joined Onlyfans and right after that Malu Trevejo Onlyfans video and pictures leaked online. Watch Malu Trevejo leaked video, below.

VIDEO: Malu Trevejo Onlyfans leaked video when she was live on Onlyfans platform

The leaked Onlyfans video show Malu Trevejo live streaming on her Onlyfans page. Malu can be seen playing Ping Pong on the live video while her fans comments on what she wearing.

Malu Trevejo’s Onlyfans pictures and videos leaked by her fans who have subscribed after paying a subscription fees and then screen-recorded her video and pictures on Onlyfans.

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Malu Trevejo Onlyfans Page

Malu Trevejo Onlyfans page
Image via Onlyfans

Malu Trevejo has joined Onlyfans platform (a subscription based X-rated platform) on October 15, at the same day when she turned 18. Her welcome note says “I just turned 18 and I’m ready to be free.”

She is charging the subscription fees of $16 per month. But she is offering a three-month subscription package for $40.77 and six-month subscription package of $71.96.

Her Onlyfans account ID is malutrevejo18. She has posted so far five posts, 12 photos and four videos on her Onlyfans page.

Malu Treveju Wiki

María Luisa “Malu” Trevejo is a Cuban-born Spanish/English singer based in Miami, Florida. She became famous for her videos on the video sharing app She’s now also an Instagram personality with more than 8.5 million followers to her Instagram account.

Malu Trevejo Onlyfans is new yet. However, her fans seems willing to pay in order to watch her in a more bolder way.

Born: October 15, 2002 (age 18 years), Havana, Cuba

Height: 1.63 m

Full name: María Luisa Trevejo

Nationality: American, Cuban

Albums2018 Rising ArtistsUna Vez Mas

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