Man Jumps off I-40 Bridge at Sam Cooper in Memphis, Video Shared on Social media sparks outrage

Screenshot image of the video of a man who jumped of the bridge at Sam Cooper in Memphis
Image via Facebook

Video of Man Jumping off Memphis bridge sparks outrage on social. An horrific video shared on Facebook and Twitter shows an unidentified man jumps off I-40 Brige in Memphis. Following the video which shows a Man who jumps off bridge in Memphis, a Facebook user wrote:

“Seeing the video of that man who jump off the bridge was very disturbing, still right now my stomach is in knots, some of us be walking around thinking we got it bad with what’s going on in our life, but really there is someone who is worst off than you and it don’t even compare to what the next person is dealing with, depression is real, mental illness is real, pain is real, people cry out many different ways for help, my mind instantly went to my life, my family, my church family, my customers, my spouse and my children, I am very thankful that I have a sound mind, MEMPHIS we need to drop to our knees and PRAY!!!!!!”

Screenshot of the Facebook post narrating feelings after seeing the Sam Cooper's video of a man jumping off the bridge

According to details, on April 5, 2022, a video emerged on Twitter and Facebook shows Motorist standing near I-40 bridge at Sam Cooper, Memphis. It seems that Motorists were focusing their mobile phone cameras at the bridge when a man walking over the edge (of the bridge) caught their attention. After zooming in, they captured on the video is what it could be called a deliberate su1cide.
Video: Details of the man who jumped from I40 bridge at Sam Cooper, Memphis on April 5, 2022

The video captured in Motorists’ phones shows a man deliberately jumping off the bridge and hitting over the road below.

It appears that they shared this video on Twitter and Facebook where it caught the attention of thousands of people leaving them curious to know more details. NewPakWeb has obtained all the informations you seeks about the viral video and about the incident. But due to its nature, we are unable to upload the video here but you can watch the video of this man jumping off the Memphis bridge on Twitter by going on this link. Viewers discretion is advised.

Motorists Horrified as Man Jumps to His Death from Memphis Overpass

According to the details, a harrowing scene unfolded in Memphis earlier on April 5, when a man jumped to his death from the top of a Memphis overpass.

Based on multiple videos shared on social media, a man stood atop an overpass for several minutes. From multiple angles, you could see a figure in the distance standing still near vehicles that were parked along the I-40 at Sam Cooper.

As onlookers recorded with their phones, you could almost feel them holding their breath as many of them pleaded and prayed out loud in hopes that the subject would step down safely.

Then, in a shocking turn of events, you saw the figure jump from the bridge as their body fell to the paved roadway below where heavy traffic was flowing.

We’re opting to not embed the video here, but those watching both in person and on Facebook live broadcasts were shocked and heartbroken as the harrowing scene played out in real-time. See the Screenshot of some reactions, below.

People reacting to man jumps off Memphis bridge video

Some criticized those recording and posting the video on social media.

Not long after the incident was first reported via multiple video streams on social media, the Memphis Police Department released the following message announcing that I-40 at Sam Cooper would be closed due to an ongoing death investigation.

Memphis Police issued this alert and asked people to use alternative route

WREG in Memphis confirmed that the closure was related to a subject who “jumped from the overpass.”

Memphis Police confirmed at 4:15 p.m. that a subject jumped from the overpass and was taken to Regional One Hospital. They later referred to it as a death investigation.