"Police Killed My Grandfather" Three-Year-old Kashmiri Child Tells about Sopore Encounter

Three-Year-old Kashmiri child, who was wailing at the dead body of his grandfather after the Sopore Encounter, tells who killed his grandfather. See his video, below.

Video: Three-Year-old Kashmiri baby tells who killed his grandfather

According to details, on the morning of July 1, 2020, CRPF soldiers killed an old man (Identified as Bahsir Ahmad) in a fake Encounter at Sopore, Baramulla district, during a search and rescue operation after a gunfight with freedom fighters at the same morning.

Bashir Ahmad was travelling while carrying his Three-Year-old grandson (Name Ayyad) when CRPF soldiers pulled him out of his car and shoot dead.


Soon after the sad incident, several images of this Kashmiri boy (Ayyad) emerged on social media which shows the child wailing at the dead body of his grandfather.

CRPF soldiers after the fake Encounter at Sopore, district Baramulla, Kashmir

CRPF and Indian media said in their statement that Bashir Ahmad was killed during a crossfire during the gunfight between CRPF and freedom fighters. According to Indian media, Police rescued the child during the gunfight.

Three year old Kashmiri child in the police van after Sopore Encounter

However, the family of Bashir Ahmad and eyewitnesses denied the statement of CRPF and told that he was pulled out of his car and shoot dead by Policemen.


According to the family, Police kept the child on top of dead body of his grand father and after the photoshoot, they picked up the child and took him in the police van. Watch the video, below.

Video: Speaking to this reporter in the family’s home on the the outskirts of Srinagar, the three-year-old boy, Ayyad, says, when asked who killed his ‘papa’, that the police did.

The images and the later videos of the child clearly show that Sopore Encounter was a fake Encounter staged by CRPF. The Child can he clearly heard saying “Police killed my grandfather.”

Meanwhile, Protests in Kashmir after civilian ‘killed by Indian military’ who were also accused of placing his grandson on top of his body.

Video: CRPF soldiers take the child in the police van and the statement of the child

The Sopore, J&K, killing needs an impartial probe – impossible under the Modi govt. The Home Minister of India is a former accused in fake encounter cases. They abrogated 370, brutally locked down Kashmir, & still claim that “militants” did it.




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