Police raid farm house in Raiwind and arrested 56 boys and girls

Police raid in Raiwind, Lahore, 56 girls and boys has been arrested for violating coronavirus lockdown SOPS and doing indecent activities.


According to details, Punjab police raided a farm house (Nasir Farm House) in the village of Jia Bagga (Urdu: جیا بگا), Raiwind, Lahore on June 7, 2020. Police found 38 boys and 17 girls doing indecent activities while all of them were drunk.

Police raid at dance party in Lahore

The boys and girls were drunk, enjoying Shesha, and other activities. Police has arrested all 55 boys and girls and the DG.

Boys and girls arrested in Raiwind during a private dance party

Police has also recovered 5 bottles of local-made liquor, 2 hookah,5 packets of shesha flavours and other illegal stuff (Drugs). According to police, the boys and girls belong to wealthy families from different cities of Punjab.

FIR against 56 boys and girls arrested for indecent activities in Raiwind, Lahore

Police has registered a first investigation report (FIR) against all arrested from the farm house.




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