Chasing the looted wealth of Pakistan, PM Imran Khan announced to establish an high powered commission to investigate the money laundering and corruption during past years. Officials from FIA, IB , ISI , FBR and SECP will be part of this high powered commission.

Prime minister Imran Khan seems committed to his promise of accountibilty he made before comming into the government. Imran Khan was adressing to the nation after First budget of PTI Government. He said during his address that Pakistan’s foreign debts reached upto 24000 Billion rupees from 6000 Billion during past two government’s periods.

The high powered commission will investigate, where this money was spent and how much money sent abroad in the form of money laundering after making corruption in National projects.

He said, ” I was praying to get one chance so that I can catch those who looted Public wealth. Now I have that chance so I will not spare anyone who is responsible for money laundering and for these circumstances of Pakistan”. Showing his commitment to the accountibilty process PM said ” they are threatening for protest against Government and throw down the government but they can’t black mail me”. I have nothing to lose and I am not afraid of anyone but only ALLAH.

Here is the Complete adress of prime minister Imran Khan.

People are showing relief on the decision of prime minister to form the high powered commission.

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