Reality of Girl head ch0pped off viral Video – Mayengg03 TikTok video Explored

  • “Girl getting her head chopped off video” goes viral on social media and sparks outrage
  • The viral video shows two men slicing the throat of a girl/man in bathroom
  • The purported video was first shared by a TikTok user Mayengg03 on his now disabled TikTok page “@Mayengg03.”
  • Mayengg03 was probably a Spanish TikTok TikTok user who became popular for posting graphic videos on TikTok
Girl getting her head chopped off video goes viral on social media

Now banned TikTok user “Mayengg03” posted a graphic TikTok video which is recently going viral as “Girl Head chopped off video” and creating a lot of concerns over social. Due to the nature of Mayengg03 TikTok video, the platform put the video in “decapitation” category and later removed the video and the account of Mayengg03 for violence.


Content Warning: Article below contains the details of extreme graphic incident which may not suitable for some users to read. Readers discretion is advised.

According to details, a video is going viral on social media which shows an unidentified girl getting her head chopped off by another man in bathroom. Some people are calling it a “girl in a bathroom video.”

There are some indications it’s a man, though.


Twitter users have shared warnings about the video, which showed a girl dancing before two men cut a person’s head off.

The video starts out as a dancing video then abruptly switches to a lengthy gory scene in a bathroom. More than one man is involved in beheading the person in the video, and they are speaking Spanish. It’s not clear whether the girl who was shown dancing is the same as the girl who is beheaded and is even female at all; their clothing is different. The person whose head is being chopped off is wearing patterned shorts and a blue shirt, and the dancing girl is wearing a cropped black tank top and white shorts. A site called preserved the full video.

The video was first shared on TikTok by a TikTok user “@mayengg03” whom account was later removed from the platform.

It is unclear that the incident shown in the graphic video is real or it was a work of fiction. No further details of the girl/ in the “head cut off video” were revealed so far.


People are calling the authorities for the investigation of the purported video. As the TikTok account of “Mayengg03” has been removed from the platform, people believe that the viral video was “Mayengg03 death video.”

However it is not possible for Mayengg03 to post a TikTok if she was the one in the viral video.

Meanwhile, people are calling for the Caution and asking their fellow social media users to not watch the video in case they come by the thumbnail, below.

Thumbnail of Mayengg03 TikTok video

A Twitter user shared the Screenshot of the thumbnail of “Mayengg03 viral TikTok video” and wrote:


“tw// gore….apparently there’s a video going around on tiktok that involves someone getting their head chopped off. this is the thumbnail so if you see this anywhere keep scrolling.”

Another Twitter user added while sharing the Screenshot of Mayengg03 TikTok page: “hey if u see this video dont watch it, it cuts to the girl getting her head chopped off and is genuinely traumatising!.”

Where Can you watch Mayengg03 TikTok video?

Well, despite the extreme graphic nature of Mayengg03 viral video, many people are hunting for the “Girl getting her head chopped off video” and asking their fellow social media users for the link to viral video.


The purported video has been removed from TikTok at very first day of it being published. However, many people have saved the video and shared on Reddit, Twitter and other social media platforms.

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We are not going to upload the video here. And we will advise you to stop hunting for the purported video otherwise you will regret your decision of watching it.

A Twitter user who has watched the “mayengg03 TikTok video” given a similar advice.


He wrote in a tweet, reads: “I just saw a video of a little girl getting her head chopped off, this is so disgusting I’m going to throw up. for the love of God don’t watch it please. i’m traumatized.”

For the reference, A site called preserved the full video (mayengg03).

Who is Mayengg03

Mayengg03 is a TikTok user which became popular Uploading extremely graphic video content on her TikTok page. But her most recent video of girl getting head chopped off made her viral all over social media. The origin and Authenticity of Mayengg03 hasn’t been confirmed. However people believe that she is from Mexico or belongs to Spanish ethnicity as most of her videos are in Spanish and refer to the content of Mexico.

After her recent viral video “which shows a girl/man head chopped off”, TikTok has disabled her TikTok account.


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