Maryam Fayyaz accused Tiktok star Sheraz of gang-rape

LAHORE: A Lahore girl (TikTok star Maryam Fayyaz) was allegedly gang-raped by three men including her ‘friend (also a Tiktok star name Shiraz, also called Sheraz)’ which she came into contact through the popular TikTok video-sharing app.


On July 13, 2020, Maryam Fayyaz registered a complaint at Millat Park police station in Lahore for being gang-raped by three men.


Police officials said that the complaint was filed over the request of the victim girl. They added that the legal action will be proceeded after conducting a medical test of the girl.

Video: TikToker Maryam Fayyaz accused her friend Sheraz of Gang-rape

In her police complaint, the girl stated that she befriended a boy, Shiraz, through TikTok app 20 days ago and later she reached Samanabad area over being called by him. She added that Shiraz asked her to sit in his car where two men were also sitting there.

Copy of the Police complaint Maryam Fayyaz submitted into police station against Sheraz

The girl claimed that she was gang-raped by all three men on gunpoint inside the vehicle.



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