Pakistani TikTok star Sana Sheikh
Pakistani TikTok Star Sana Sheikh’s private pictures and video went viral on social media. Image via Twitter

Sana Sheikh Leaked video and leaked pictures went viral on internet. After Minahil Malik and Malika Chema, TikTok star Sana Sheikh is latest victim of leaked pictures and video scandal. According to details, Several inappropriate pictures and a private video of Sana Sheikh leaked and went viral on social media.

TikTok star Sana Sheikh leaked picture
Image via social media

Sana Sheikh’s leaked video and leaked pictures show the TikToker filming herself in an inappropriate condition. Sources say she took her inappropriate pictures by her own cell-phone camera and sent them to her boyfriend in order to appease him. But he leaked those pictures on social media.

Several YouTube channels have also uploaded Sana Sheikh leaked video which shows her in an inappropriate condition. Watch Sana Sheikh leaked video, below.

Video: Pakistani TikTok star Sana Sheikh leaked video scandal part 1

Sana Sheikh leaked video shows her revealing and filming herself allegedly for her boyfriend. Some reports say she leaked her own video intentionally (for publicity). Meanwhile, some sources suggest the boyfriend leaked Sheikh’s private video on internet.

Sana Sheikh hails from Karachi. She has 740,000 followers on her Tiktok account. Her TikTok account ID is @Sana_sheikh04. She is also working with some advertising agencies in order to promote several local and international brands.

TikTok star Sana Sheikh's social profile

Social media Responded to Sana Sheikh leaked pictures and Leaked Video Scandal

Soon after the leaked pictures and leaked video of Tiktok star Sana Sheikh emerged on social media, people responded with mixed reactions.

Many people were sharing her leaked video in WhatsApp groups while others were teasing each other with the claims of possessing the leaked video and leaked pictures.

A Twitter page “Showbiz & News” took it as breaking news and wrote: “❗️🔴 Breaking News: After #MinahilMalik Famous Pakistani tik toker having more than 750K followers #SanaSheikh become the victim of leaked intimate photos. #MinahilMalikLeaked #SanaSheikhLeaked.”

This Twitter user was among the first few people to respond over the leaked scandal of TIKTOK Star.

People on Facebook responded similarly as Twitter. A Facebook Page “TikTok Store” also shared the leaked pictures with a similar caption (as breaking news).

TikTok star Sana Sheikh leaked video scandal
Image: Screenshot of Facebook page.

Leaked pictures and leaked video scandals are becoming a tactic of dark-fame among many Tiktok stars. Earlier last week, two friends of Sana Sheikh (also TiktokStas), Minahil Malik and Malika Cheema, also fell in a similar leaked video and leaked pictures scandal.

Minahil Malik leaked her nude photos and an inappropriate video of Malika Cheema was also circulating on social media. Sources reported that both TikTok stars leaked these pictures and videos in order to gain publicity and more followers on their social media accounts.

Video: Sana’s video scandal part 2

Because Soon after the leaked video and pictures scandals, both Tiktok stars gain hundreds of thousands of followers on their Social media accounts and they seem not worried by their scandals.

Sana Sheikh’s leaked pictures and video emerged during the same days and she is also a close friend to Minahil Malik and Malika Cheema.

Many people believe this kind of scandals of TikTok stars can force the government to put a ban on TikTok inside Pakistan.


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