Video of Nadia Bartel snorting white powder goes viral on social media
The video appears to show Nadia Bartel allegedly ingest a white substance from a plate. Credit: Supplied

A video of Australian Fashion influencer, Nadia Bartel, Snorting white powder (allegedly cocaine) going viral on social media and people are reacting to the viral video with memes. Meanwhile, Victoria police is investigating the viral video of Nadia Bartel.

According to details, on September 2, 2021, a video of Nadia Bartel, snorting white powder from a plate, emerged on social media and gone viral. The person, reportedly a friend of Nadia, accidentally posted the video on Instagram and then deleted it. However, the video has been downloaded from the Instagram before getting delete and shared on Twitter by several users.

From Twitter, The alleged video of Nadia Bartel snorting cocaine, went viral all over social media, sparking outrage and reactions.

The viral video shows Nadia Bartel with three other women at a house in Melbourne during the lockdown.

The video footage further shows Nadia Bartel allegedly ingesting a white substance, which many people believes was Cocaine, from a plate.

The video is believed to have been accidentally posted to Instagram by friend and business partner Ellie Pearson who has since removed her Instagram account. Watch the video of Nadia Bartel, below.

Video of Nadia Bartel snorting white substance from a plate along with other three women

Victoria Police is Investigating Nadia Bartel’s Viral video

Victoria Police are investigating the video that emerged of Melbourne socialite and AFL Wag Nadia Bartel appearing to snort a white substance.

Police on Friday confirmed it was “making enquiries into the video”.

“Victoria Police is aware of a video currently on social media depicting a gathering of people and alleged illicit drug use,” a spokesperson said.

While it has not been confirmed when the video was taken, if it did occur on Thursday it would be in breach of the state’s lockdown restrictions on gatherings.

Who is Nadia Bartel

Bartel is the owner of fashion brand Henne and co-owner of spray tan company Spray Aus.

She is also the ex-wife of former AFL player Jimmy Bartel whom she shares two children with.

The Victorian premier was asked about the video on Friday and said he was not aware of it, but urged all residents to continue following the lockdown rules.

Nadia Bartel releases Instagram statement after video allegedly shows her snorting white substance

Following the outrage and criticism, Melbourne socialite and AFL Wag Nadia Bartel has broken her silence after a video emerged of her appearing to snort a white substance.

Nadia Bartel released a statement on Instagram on Friday afternoon, saying: “I have let you all down by my actions.”

“I take full responsibility and I am committed to taking all necessary steps to ensure I make better choices in future,” she wrote.

“To my family and friends, my business partners and the public health workers trying to keep us all safe, I am embarrassed and remorseful.

“I am truly and deeply sorry. I hope I can earn your forgiveness and, in time, your trust,” Nadia added.

Twitter Reacts to Nadia Bartel’s viral video

Since the video of Nadia Bartel emerged on social media, it was filled with criticism and reactions. Many people believe that Nadia Bartel leaked her video intentionally in order to stay relevant and in the news.

Reacting to viral video, a Twitter user wrote: “Nadia Bartel snorting cocaine at a house party during lockdown! Unbelievable! Always the most privileged that think they are beyond the rules. She has also been a supporter of the ‘shadow pandemic.”

“Kicked a goal there sweetheart great look for your kids. Nadia Bartel caught in accidental live video snorting white powder in apparent lockdown breach…,” added another user.

One person wrote: “Nadia Bartel probably leaked the video herself in a desperate bid to stay relevant.”

See more reactions, below.

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