Video of Pakistani girl in the red shirt along with her friend went viral
Image: Screenshot from the viral video of Pakistani girl in the red shirt

Recently, a video of a Pakistani girl in the red shirt (Red Qameez) along with her friend is getting viral on social media and in WhatsApp groups. Many people on Facebook and Twitter sharing the Screenshots of this viral video and asking “who is this girl in the red shirt”. Many of them are asking for the video of the red-shirt Pakistani girl along with her friend.

Social media user shares the Screenshot of viral video of Red-shirted Pakistani girl
Image: Screenshot of Facebook post

After searching on the internet, we’ve found the viral video of this Pakistani couple on Twitter. Watch the video, below.

The viral video shows the girl dancing on the famous Punjabi song ‘Laung Laachi’ in her room while her friend is watching her dance steps. In the Viral video, The girl can be seen wearing only a red-shirt. The video was shared on the social media in two parts (less than a minute each). Watch the second part of this couple’s viral video here.

Who is the girl in the red shirt shown in the viral video

Earlier this week, when the video of this red shirt girl and her friend, emerged on social media, many people wondered the girl in the viral video is a Pakistani TikTok star. In the viral video, we can see the faces of the girl and her friend are hidden behind a surgical mask. Her friend has a beard similar to famous Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi.

Many social media users and YouTube channels claimed that the video of Shahid Afridi with a Pakistani female TikTok star got leaked online. They alleged the couple in the viral video is Shahid Afridi and a Pakistani TikTok star. Watch the video, below.

Video: alleged leaked video of Shahid Afridi with a Female TikTok star

However, after investigating and running a reverse image search on Yandex browser, we found that the man in the viral video with the red-shirt girl is not Shahid Afridi and YouTube channels are using his name in order to spark fantasy and gain more views on their Youtube videos.

The couple in the viral video is some random Pakistani girl and boy who filmed themselves and shared their video online. Accusing a well known Pakistani star-like Shahid Afridi, for the sake of views, is not a good practice and those YouTube channels, below defaming the name of Shahid Afridi in the false allegations, may face legal thrashing.



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