Everyone who has passed from the twenties of his age must think that what was those mistakes he has made. And where he could be today If he has not made those mistakes. I will share my life lessons and some mistakes here. But I hope you will get a lot to learn from this. Before reading this post, ask yourself a question. “what you were doing last weekend?, were you browsing Facebook? Twitter? discussing other people’s success?  or anything else?

Biggest Mistakes in life

1: First in Biggest mistakes is “Not Dreaming big”.

Biggest mistake in life is to not dreaming big
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When we are below the twenties, we forget to dream big. This is one of biggest mistakes we make in young age. We are distracted by lack of cash, and we get a job of 10 bucks or little more or less for an hour, we forget to ask ourselves “where is this getting me?”. Do you have to have this goal in your mind that where do you see yourself in the next ten years? And yes, this is gonna change. This is going to change in a week, or in a month. we should have that goal, and our every action should be connected to getting us towards that goal. If you have a job offer, think how this job can get me to this goal?.

My goal when I was twenty, was to work with foreigners. So I applied to work in a souvenir shop. Where people from other cities will come to buy a souvenir. during the second day of this job, I realized that I am not learning anything. I can barely practice my English because most people coming there were from China, Japan and other non-English countries. So we have to communicate with them by using gestures, but not by using good English language. I worked there only for two weeks, then I quit that job. They paid me a small amount of money but I felt so glad because I ask myself this question “is this getting me to my dream?” I looked at the people there, who were at the top level of their career in that company and I asked myself “Do I want to be like them?” Then my heart said ” no way”.
Always look at the people at the top level in the company where you are working.  Then Ask yourself  “do you wanna be like them at the peak of your career?” If no then just quit that job.

2: Work Hard.

Work hard dream big
Work hard doesn’t mean that you should work as a labour, But do it in your own field because you are still young.
When we are in our twenties, we have so much energy. We don’t get tired. After long hours of work, we need a little time to restore back our all energy. and we are ready to go again. I am 27 right now. But I remember when I was twenty and I was working as a machine without getting so much tired. I was having classes, workout, and so many things. I have started my company when I was just 21. Because I had the main source at the peak. and that source was energy.
Use this source in productivity. Don’t waste it in useless things like going for parties etc. Because once You become successful in achieving your goal, you will have all life to enjoy.

3: Don’t be Impatient.

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Don’t think that things have to happen right now. I can relate this to many fields. For example, when I was 15 years old, some of my elder friends were in the relationships. But I was not in the relationship. Sometimes I was feeling unlucky. But the thing is “they were ready” but I was not. I have to concentrate on developing my talent, and the study. But not on getting in a relationship. The same thing when you are twenty and you see many around you are getting married. Then it doesn’t mean that you should also get married at that time.

 Think of Yourself. Ask yourself “Am I ready”, Have I got what I have dreamed for?” Don’t just rush into Family stuff. In some countries like Pakistan, India, there is so much pressure to start a family early on. But don’t get yourself ruined by the trend. Because you are responsible for yourself first.

4: Compare Yourself To Yourself Yesterday.

This is the Only comparison You have to make. You go on social media and you see a person traveling every day, taking his pictures on beautiful places. Then you start thinking “ow I am unlucky to have a life like him”. But you don’t know much about that person on social media. Maybe He is enjoying because of Parent’s wealth. or Maybe he traveled for a few hours and caught a scene to post on social media. Don’t let Yourself fall into any type of inferiority complex. This will ruin Your personality and talent. The time you will spend on comparing yourself with those people, you can use it to create something for you. Do not waste the time on thinking, discussing the people.

5: Choosing Friends.


Mistake number five is “we make friends with everyone”. Remember that everyone who shakes hand with you is not your friend. When I was twenty, I was wishing to hang out with everyone. I was wishing to be everywhere. My grandfather taught me once that if someone calls you and say “wait an hour or wait 30 minutes, I will go out with you”. Then before saying yes, ask yourself, is there anything productive I can do in this one hour, instead of waiting for him or hanging out with him? Try to find a better investment of your time rather than waiting and then hanging out with a person who will not bring any value to your life. I am not saying that don’t make friends. But make those friends who can be really good and productive friends.


6: Health.

There is not so much I can tell you about health. But I wish I wouldn’t have smoked so much when I was just 18. There are so many temptations around you when you are in your twenties. Because the people around you are going to try many things, and they are going to attract you also. I have started smoking because my friends use to smoke. And this was the worst mistake I ever made.

When you are in your this age, you have this amazing asset called time and amazing asset called health. And together these two, you can win the world.  You can take over anyone If you have time and health. Because this lets you work more. This lets you travel and this lets you meet new people.

7: Connections with Your Family.

Biggest mistake in the life is disconnection with your family
Your Family leads you towards success. So always stay connected with your family.

Please do not lose connections to your family. because these are the people, who are going to take care of you when you are down. These are the people who will relieve your stress. these people will give you the willpower and they will be praying for you. If you are away from your families now then stop reading this post, and take out the phone. Call your family and ask them how they are doing. Believe me, this will make a huge difference.

8: Negative Thoughts.

Some people make mistake by thinking that they are too old to start learning. They feel shy to learn from any younger person than them. Remember that you are never going to stop learning. If you will not learn the things which add something to your success then, believe me, Life will teach you the opposite lesson and that will be harder. Also read: How to stop negative thinking / In Urdu

9: World is Very Small.

Think twice before you are going to offend someone. Don’t take advantages of your current position, place or status. because the earth is round too. Today you offend someone and think that no problem, I am not going to need him ever. You are completely wrong. The time will put you once in their front and that time you will be ashamed of what you have done with them in the past.

By: Taimur Malik.

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