• Eduin Caz cheating video goes viral on social media
  • Eduin Caz is a Mexican singer from Grupo Firme
  • The viral video shows Eduin Caz sleeping next to another woman
  • The woman in Eduin Caz video has been identified as Fanny.hernandez03, an Instagram model
  • Fanny.hernandez03 filmed this video in October 2019, but shared it on TikTok on December 10, 2021
Video de Eduin Caz cheating with another woman

Viral video from October 2019, shows Grupo Firme’s singer Eduin Caz sleeping beside a woman which is not his wife. Fans are reacting to Eduin Caz cheating video and curious to know the fact behind the viral video.

Eduin Caz cheating video is trending on social media and people are sharing their anger following the video which was actually filmed in October 2019 and became viral recently. The fans are expressing their sympathy with his wife Daisy Anahy.

First you should know Eduin Caz is? hence keep reading below.

Born on July 30, 1994, Eduin Caz is a Mexican singer, TikTok and Instagram celebrity. He is the vocalist of the band Grupo Firme. His full name is Eduin Cazares. His Wife is Daisy Anahy. They have a son and a daughter together. Caz is from Culiacan, Mexico, which makes him Mexican by ethnicity.

Eduin Caz Cheating Video

Eduin Caz surprised his followers after starring in a video that was leaked on TikTok and Twitter where he appears asleep next to a woman who is supposedly not his wife, which would prove that the singer is unfaithful.

According to details, earlier last week, the lead singer of Grupo Firme was pointed out by a woman of having had an affair with him and that they had had a son whom the artist never wanted to acknowledge.

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The woman shared the video on TikTok, which shows Eduin Caz sleeping next to her. The woman comes on TikTok by the name of “stephaniehrnnd1” and she has shared the same video on Twitter as well.

Screenshot of Eduin Caz cheating video

Although, Stephaniehrnnd1 has deleted the video from her TikTok account, it is still available on Twitter because many people have already downloaded and shared the video on social media platform.

You can watch Eduin Caz cheating video, below.

A Screenshot of the alleged TikTok video shows, wife of Eduin Caz has commented under the TikTok video.

This Screenshot shows wife of Eduin Caz commenting under the video which shows Eduin Caz sleeping next to another woman

After the scandal that was made, the woman who resides in Tijuana, Baja California, mysteriously retracted after Eduin came out to publicly deny that he had been unfaithful to his wife and that the young woman was lying.

At the time, it was reported that Eduin Caz had reached an arrangement with his alleged lover for her to recant.

Some sources suggest that the singer’s own wife had been the one who tried to bribe the girl to disappear from their lives and not reveal her husband’s infidelity, but still, the rumors of infidelity on the singer’s part were over.

Eduin Caz, is he unfaithful?

On December11, 2021, Eduin Caz became a trend on Twitter and not precisely because of his talent in singing but because he starred in the video in which he appears asleep in a bed, next to a woman who is said to be not his wife.

The video were taken with a cell phone by the woman who accompanies Eduin Caz in what is seems an hotel room. Although, she does not show her identity, she does focus on her legs to ensure that it is verified that she is lying on the same bed as the Eduin Caz.

In the video, Eduin ca be seen naked from the top and covered with a white sheet, while in the video, there are two stickers in which they make fun of the singer’s wife and assure that this is the proof that he is unfaithful.

Fans React to Eduin Caz viral video

Many of his fans reacted to the viral video and some said they were disappointed in the Latin Grammy winner, since they really believed his word when he assured that he had never been unfaithful to his wife with whom he has been married for 11 years.

A Twitter user wrote: “That video of eduin caz laying in bed with that girl just made my heart wrench 😫💔 convencida que el 99% de hombres son unos perros ….”

“Thanks a lot Eduin caz 😒 now my girlfriend is mad at me for no reason 😅😭😂💀,” added another user.

One user said: “Not Eduin Caz smiling, laughing and asking people to send him memes about him cheating on his wife 🤡.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “Me waiting on Eduin Caz explanation video.”

“The video of Eduin Caz made my stomach turn. His poor wife,” wrote one user.

Others justified it, ensuring that the video was taken in 2019 and despite the fact that he was already with Anahy, it had happened a long time ago.

Who is the Girl With Eduin Caz cheating with

Although, the identity of the girl in Eduin Caz was not publicly confirmed, we have found her Instagram account.

On Instagram, the girl comes by the name of “Fanny.hernandez03” and she is an Instagram model.

Fanny.hernandez03 has 224K followers on Instagram where she shares her glamorous photos.

The girl was recognized because of her nail polish. In the viral video of Eduin Caz, she showed her legs and nails. And it is reported that the video was filmed in October 2019.

Meanwhile, if you look into Fanny.hernandez03 Instagram account, you will find her picture of October 7, 2019, wearing same nail polish. There are other factors as well which hints that the girl, Eduin Caz cheated with, was Fanny.hernandez03.


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