Facts Behind The death of Mohsin Farooq Samoot also known as Mohsin Samoot.
In a shocking incident, A Volleyball player Mohsin Farooq Samoot was murdered by his close friends.

Islamabad: 30 years old Chaudhry Mohsin Farooq Samoot also known as Moshin Samoot was murdered on November 26, 2019, at Bahria Town, Islamabad. He was a national Volleyball player with a massive fan-following around the country. Apparently he died after falling from the 5th floor of the building. But Mr Ikhlaq, The uncle of Mohsin Farooq Samoot claimed that four of his friends murdered him. He also lodged a complaint of murder against them.

CCTV footage of Mohsin Farooq Samoot’s Murder has been also recovered which shows “How Mohsin Samoot was thrown down from 5th floor of the building”. Watch CCTV footage of Mohsin Samoot’s death, below.

CCTV footage of Mohsin Farooq Samoot’s death.

‏فخرپوٹھوھار،شوٹنگ والی بال کاکھلاڑی چوھدری محسن فاروق سموٹ آلا کی موت کے حقائق ۔۔https://t.co/lGl3Gklhw3‎

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Video: Facts Behind the death of Mohsin Samoot

Some of his friends told that motive behind the murder of Mohsin Samoot in the professional jealousy. Some other witnesses claimed that he was killed by attacks with a knife and murderers cut his 4 fingers also. However, these rumors were not confirmed by police.

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Initial investigation shows that Mohsin came Islamabad on Monday along his four close friends. They rented two flats in Bahria town (One flat on third floor while other on 5th floor). In the night 4 women also visited them. However one of the woman left early.

It is also alleged that his four friends pushed him down from the fifth floor of the building and tried to paint his murder as ‘suicide’. Final postmortem report of Mohsin Samoot and cause of his death hasn’t been released yet.

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Police has arrested four of his friends on November 28, 2019, in the suspicion of his murder.

He was one of the most famous Volleyball player in Pakistan. His funeral prayer and final ceremony was held in his village. Thousands of people and all big names of National Volleyball (Players and organizers) attended Funeral of Mohsin Samoot.

Video: Funeral of Mohsin Farooq Samoot.

News of the death of Mohsin Farooq Samoot spread on social media within hours and caused sad reactions from thousands of his fans. Watch the fans’ reactions on the death of Mohsin Farooq Samoot.

Fans of Mohsin Samoot are sharing the memories of him

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Death of Mohsin Farooq Samoot (Details in Urdu).

اسلام آباد میں والی بال کے مقامی کھلاڑی کو بحریہ ٹاؤن میں خنجر کے وار سے قتل کر دیا گیا ۔ شوٹنگ والی بال کاکھلاڑی چوھدری محسن فاروق سموٹ کو دوستوں نےحسدکی آگ میں جلتے ھوئے پہلے ہاتھ کی4 انگلیاں کاٹیں ، پھر چوتھی منزل سے نیچےگرا کے مار ڈالا۔

چودهری محسن فاروق سموٹ کی نمازجنازہ گاٶں سموٹ تحصیل کلرسیداں ضلع راولپنڈی میں اداکردی گٸی ہے۔

‏محسن فاروق کی ناگہانی موت کا مگر اس سے زیادہ تکلیف محسن کی ضعیفہ ماں کے الفاظ سن کر ہوا اس کی ماں کے جو الفاظ تھے کلیجہ چیر دیتے ہیں

بیٹا ایک بار بول کس نے مارا کیسے مارا کیوں مارا تجھے کتنی تکلیف ہوئی ہو گی ؟؟مــيں صـــدقه اک واری بول ماڑه بچه اپنی ماں کی دئس کس ماریا اے۔

محسن کی والدہ کے الفاظ
Video: death of Mohsin Farooq Samoot (Mohsin Samoot)


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