Ondreaz Lopez Exposed For Having relationship with 14-year-old girl in a leaked call

Ondreaz Lopez exposed for having relationship with 14-year-old girl in latest TikTok videos

Ondreaz Lopez exposed and sued for having relationship with a 14-year-old girl. According to sources, Ondreaz Lopez (23) aka Tony Lopez’s older brother exposed for allegedly having relations with 14-year-old girl. It’s unclear what Ondreaz did to minor since it is not described in video. Tony Lopez currently sued by two 15-year-olds he allegedly abused.

A TikTok account known as “Sainttbaby” has shared a series of videos with load of information regarding the alleged illegal relations that Ondreaz Lopez had with the 14-year-old girl, whose name is yet not revealed. Watch the video, below.

video of the Call exposing Ondreaz Lopez and his relationship with 14-year-old girl

On the TikTok account, there is an initial clip that reveals much of the allegations against Ondreaz Lopez. It’s a minute-long video of a woman talking to who is supposedly Ondreaz Lopez on the phone. People assume that the woman in the leaked call could be the mother of 14-year-old victim of Ondreaz Lopez.


During their speakerphone conversation, she calls out the 23-year old for his intentions and lets him know that what he’s doing is punishable by the law. Ondreaz acknowledges that, and the woman then insists that they need to meet up. He agrees, and they may have met at some point, along with her 14-year-old daughter and her sister.

The evidence of the allegations didn’t stop with the single video on TikTok. The same sainttbaby account posted more evidence with documents and DM receipts. See the Screenshots, below.

Documents showing Ondreaz Lopez sued for having relationship with 14-year-old girl
Screenshot of viral video exposing Ondreaz Lopez

First was the document, which is hard to read but is an email or letter sent to Ondreaz’s attorney. In that document, Ondreaz is accused of sexual intercourse with the 14-year old and warned of the oncoming lawsuit.

In the second clip, receipts from sainttbaby show that she sent further evidence to Ondreaz’s girlfriend, Hannah Stocking, another massive influencer. After the allegations became apparent, Hannah Stocking appears to have deleted all of her photos with Ondreaz and may be separating herself.


Screenshot below shows Ondreaz Lopez’s girlfriend Hannah Stocking deleted all their photos together on Instagram after allegations Ondreaz had relations with a 14-year-old girl became public.

Ondreaz Lopez’s girlfriend Hannah Stocking deleted all their photos together on Instagram after allegations Ondreaz had relations with a 14-year-old girl became public
Screenshot of Hannah Stocking’s Instagram account

One final clip on the TikTok account shows a clip of the old Hype House with Ondreaz Lopez in it. It’s hard to tell what is occurring in the hype house or who took the video, but it could be further evidence.

Ondreaz Lopez isn’t the only Lopez brother with allegations of relations with a minor. His brother Tony is facing issues of his own.

According to allegations, the latter had relations with two 15-year-old girls. In the lawsuit filed against Tony Lopez, there are claims that he groomed the girls on social media and asked for photos from them as he attempted to exploit the girls. Other members of the Hype House are mentioned in the lawsuit, but only for negligence.

None of the allegations are set in stone until the court decides, and both brothers have denied the same. Time will tell if the accusations are true.

People React to Ondreaz Lopez having relationship with 14-year-old Girl

Allegations of Ondreaz Lopez having relationship with 14-year-old girl sent many social media users into frenzy. People are reacting to the allegations and some of them are hunting for any of Ondreaz Lopez leaked video with that 14-year-old girl.

Below are the Screenshots of People talking about the allegations in Ondreaz Lopez’s latest TikTok.

People talking about the allegations in Ondreaz Lopez’s latest TikTok.

One person ‘astrologyyyy’ said: “I was definitely not expecting him too.”

“Guess it runs in the family, another fan said in the comments.”

More comments on the allegations against Ondreaz Lopez

Born on April 4, 1997, Ondreaz Lopez is an American TikTok star who primarily posts dancing and lip-sync videos to his ondreazlopez account. He has earned over 22 million fans on TikTok. He and his younger brother Tony Lopez are known collectively as the Lopez Brothers across social media. 


Originally from Colorado, he later moved to Nevada. In addition to his younger brother Tony, he also has an older brother named Xavier.