Woman forced into prostitution by her husband
Sumaira Bibi and her husband Ashraf

“After one year of marriage, Ashraf took me to a hotel co-owned by him. He had kept four or five girls there,” Sumaira Bibi tells horrible story of treatment by her husband. Watch the video, below.

A Thirty-four-year-old woman Sumaira Bibi got married to a man named Ashraf three years ago. After one year, the couple was blessed with a baby boy.

Soon after that, severe differences emerged between them. Sumaira claims that she had been forced into prostitution by her husband.

Forced Into Prostitution

Speaking to a local media source, Sumaira revealed, “After one year of marriage, Ashraf took me to a hotel co-owned by him. He had kept four or five girls there. He asked me to take part in the illegal activities, but I refused and lodged a complaint against my husband.”

After the incident, Sumaira came back to her mother’s home. However, Ashraf kept the year and a half old baby with him to blackmail his wife. He wanted Sumaira to live with him and be a part of his inappropriate work.

However, Sumaira decided not to go back even to meet her son. She filed a petition in a local family court to get a divorce and the custody of her child.

Sensing the severity of the matter, Ashraf sent a woman named Nazia to Sumaira’s home with a reunion message on June the 18th. She offered Sumaira that if she reconciled with her husband and withdrew the case, he would return the child to her and would never force her into prostitution.

Inhumane Behavior

Somehow, Nazia managed to persuade Sumaira to come back. “When I came back to my husband’s house, he locked me in a room and shaved my head. After that, two men named zain and abid raped me,” said Sumaira.

Sumaira Bibi added that she filed a complaint in the City Police Station against the perpetrators. Instead of lodging the First Information Report (FIR), the police asked her uncomfortable questions.

The FIR was lodged only after the media reached the police station to cover the story. However, Sumaira was not positive that the police could provide her justice.

Bibi alleged that she was continuously harassed and intimidated by the accused to withdraw the FIR; otherwise, they would kill her child.


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