Your Data in Whatsapp is not Protected – Israeli Spyware Pegasus

Israeli Security firm NSO Group stealing the data of millions of WhatsApp users by using spyware Pegasus.

Israeli government and a security firm NSO Group was accused to inject WhatsApp spyware called Pegasus in the WhatsApp applications of millions of WhatsApp users. The Israeli security firm ‘NSO Group’ injected the spyware Pegasus into the WhatsApp applications of unknown number of users.

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These days, almost every one uses free messaging application ‘WhatsApp’. There are 1.5 billion active WhatsApp users in 180 countries around the world. People talk, send their private pictures and videos by using this application. But ever you wonder that your private Data in the WhatsApp is not safe after using this application? Watch the video, below.

WhatsApp Bad News - WhatsApp Sarfeen Ky Liye Buri Khabar - Syed Ali Haider - Khabar Gaam
Video: Is you data protected in Whatsapp? If you are an English, read the details below or watch the videos, below.

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Data theft is most common and the most sensitive issue these days. Some people might not care about their personal data and call it just a ‘fictional concept’. But most of people do care of their privacy and the personal data.

Whatsapp Hacked: Report: Israeli spy group behind app hack
Video: WhatsApp says hackers have gained access to personal information, messages and location data of an unknown number of its users. Reports suggest the Israeli spyware maker, NSO Group, was behind the attack. The cyber security firm has also been accused of helping governments target dissidents.. prompting Amnesty International to urge the Israeli government to ban its exports.

Here, we are not talking about stealing the data of a single person. Many powerful governments were also accused for stealing personal data of the people. Recently, A well-known British newspaper revealed that Israeli government’s run security firm just introduced a spyware called ‘Pegasus’.

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The Israeli government and the security firm ‘NSO Group’ was accused to steal the data of millions of WhatsApp users around the globe. we will warp-up the text here, and move to a quick way of information. Watch more details in the video, below.

What's behind the WhatsApp Spyware Hack? | DW News
Video: Israeli Spyware Pegasus was injected into the WhatsApp apps of the members of NSO Group.

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